Aug 17

Clothing choice style of successful people

Even when we think about beauty  then women personality arises in the mind but modern ages has been changed requirements for both men and women and their colors change keep them aware of a new feeling every moment. The costumes are coming up with new and innovative water shined. Since the evolution of human life in the world, they are adopting sense of covering the body along with other necessities of man, Then the thinking of human being changed as developed today and to wear dress not only cover the basic needs of the body Continue reading

Aug 11

New Jeans no need to wash

Often the young generations have a big reason to like the jeans that it is easy to wear for three or four days, just change your shirt with same jeans and go out to chill with friends. But now a new jeans has been discovered which no need to wash because it will not be dirty. Continue reading

Jul 02

Women dress selection on EID Festival 2016

On the Eid 2016: Eid Dress is the most visible part of the shopping desire in women to look a most beautiful, which are selected light colors lawn and cotton to suit the season for women’s apparel. Eid ul fitar is almost on head and a few days remaining to end the ramdan so there is an extraordinary boom in the world for shopping to preparation of this Holy fistival day. Continue reading

Jun 21

Indian saree have a special apparel

Indian SareeIndian saree has always special significance apparel in the sub-continent. Women of all ages whose living in the region prefer to wear saree on the occasion of special events and wedding ceremonies. A saree is attractive to the other person meets all the requirements of fashion Continue reading

Jun 12

Cloth fashion shows and new age

women cloth fashionThe cloth that was a simple thing, peoples were not taking more tension about it and wearing a simple cloth for just covering their body. There was a time when we need to wear clothes; we were approaching to the street tailors Continue reading